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Summer 2018 Training Opportunities

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All training opportunities incorporate age-appropriate fitness exercises that include resistance, cardio, and sports performance (speed/agility) implements. Groups will be lead by certified personal training/strength and conditioning professionals.

Maclay School (Webster Center): Tallahassee, FL 32312

Week of June 11th – Week of July 16th (6 weeks)

$150 or $20/session

Mail: PO Box 656, Havana, FL 32333

Online Registration

Accident Waiver

¬†Women’s Fitness Training

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (9am-9:55am & 3:30-4:25pm)
  • $150 (6 weeks) or $20/session

Description: Do you need a boost of motivation, energy, and confidence? Join other powerful women on your fitness journey to better health! These sessions are fun and innovative, designed specifically for you as you train at your personal fitness pace. Through a variation of circuit stations and team challenges that include agility and resistance training, these sessions are sure to improve overall movement, strength, power, balance, and stamina …to help you continue to be the BEST fit mother, wife, sister, aunt, and friend! We are better …together!

Boys and Girls Training (Rising 5th & 6th graders)

  • Tuesday, Thursday (10am-10:55am)
  • $150 (6 weeks) or $20/session

Description: We’re excited to add this NEW APX360 summer training group! These sessions are fun and engaging, designed to build confidence and keep your son/daughter physically active during the summer. As well, these sessions provide a great introduction and preparation for Middle School Physical Education. Your son/daughter will enjoy a variation of cooperative games (i.e. Capture the Flag) as well as agility and resistance training exercises; to teach them the basics of squatting, pulling, pushing, and balancing. Learn more about Physical Activity for Adolescents.

Girls Training (Rising 7th-12th graders)

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (11am-12:30pm)
  • $150 (6 weeks) or $20/session

Description: Girls just want to have fun!! Strength and Conditioning plays a crucial role in the health and physical development of girls. Consistent training builds confidence, improves body image, relieves stress, boosts morale, and diminishes the risk of injury. These sessions include resistance training, agility, and cardio to improve overall strength, power, speed, mobility, and balance. As well, APX360 provides education about the Female Triad and healthy ways to combat this phenomenon. Cooperative games (i.e. The Amazing Race) are incorporated to encourage team work, leadership, and to provide variation of training.

Contact us here for questions or concerns.

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The techniques and drills that Dwan has taught our players have been invaluable in our success. She has helped the players increase their speed, quickness, reaction time, and balance... Mark Krikorian,
Collegiate Soccer Coach
The holistic approach that APX360 takes in developing programs is evident and has real results- the team performs better, they work harder and they're attitudes have improved as well... Veronica Wiggins,
Florida A&M University Softball Coach
Training with Dwan has helped me get to the next level, physically and mentally. Everyday I was constantly challenged with speed drills, learning mechanics, and strengthening... Lydia Vandenbergh,
Professional Soccer Player
I will assure that APX offers you the finest training in fundamentals & technique for speed, agility, quickness, endurance & physical/ mental strength... Lavon "Mojo" Brown,
Former Florida State University Football Player
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