Group Training


Many experiences are nicer when shared with someone else. Engaging in group training gives you a support system with a wealth of motivation and encouragement to help you continue your training routines. This is especially helpful for those days when you lack motivation for training. Group training provides accountability, healthy competition, and confidence.

Group training boosts self-esteem; gives you an opportunity to see others accomplishing a task that, individually, may seem daunting. The benefits of group training also include more affordable personal training. Ask us about our group training rates today!

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The techniques and drills that Dwan has taught our players have been invaluable in our success. She has helped the players increase their speed, quickness, reaction time, and balance... Mark Krikorian,
Collegiate Soccer Coach
The holistic approach that APX360 takes in developing programs is evident and has real results- the team performs better, they work harder and they're attitudes have improved as well... Veronica Wiggins,
Florida A&M University Softball Coach
Training with Dwan has helped me get to the next level, physically and mentally. Everyday I was constantly challenged with speed drills, learning mechanics, and strengthening... Lydia Vandenbergh,
Professional Soccer Player
I will assure that APX offers you the finest training in fundamentals & technique for speed, agility, quickness, endurance & physical/ mental strength... Lavon "Mojo" Brown,
Former Florida State University Football Player
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