Team Training

Good Teammates

The concept of “TEAM” is powerful because it reinforces a camaraderie within a team that’s only established when tasks are completed… together! Good teammates push one another to exceed individual expectations and enhance the team’s overall progress.

Take advantage of our Team Training package! APX360 will come to your team’s training session to make it easier to incorporate speed training without losing valuable practice time! This is why our unique training methodology includes “sport-specific” training that addresses the skills aspect of your sport (i.e. basketball speed training with the ball).

The value of this approach is to efficiently and effectively train your athletes in their natural sporting environment without losing valuable practice time!

TRAIN WITH THE BEST, TO BE THE BEST! Contact APX360 for pricing and availability»

The techniques and drills that Dwan has taught our players have been invaluable in our success. She has helped the players increase their speed, quickness, reaction time, and balance... Mark Krikorian,
Collegiate Soccer Coach
The holistic approach that APX360 takes in developing programs is evident and has real results- the team performs better, they work harder and they're attitudes have improved as well... Veronica Wiggins,
Florida A&M University Softball Coach
Training with Dwan has helped me get to the next level, physically and mentally. Everyday I was constantly challenged with speed drills, learning mechanics, and strengthening... Lydia Vandenbergh,
Professional Soccer Player
I will assure that APX offers you the finest training in fundamentals & technique for speed, agility, quickness, endurance & physical/ mental strength... Lavon "Mojo" Brown,
Former Florida State University Football Player
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